Painted Cottage-Style Dining Chairs

cottage chairs before & after

Free is my favorite kind of furniture!  As long as I can fix the structural issues (or the ugly issues), I’m in.  These four chairs were given to me by a friend of my mom’s.  She had them in her vacation cottage.  They were super dirty, a little bit damaged and (dare I say) super […]

Benches and Chairs

Pink Watercolor MCM Chest of Drawers

MCM dresser before & after

My family took our usual summer vacation at the end of July to a cottage in the Minoqua area in Northern Wisconsin.  But we added a little vacation within a vacation to the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  I always love to explore new places, especially when there is tons of natural […]


Sky Blue Secretary Desk Before & After

secretary desk before & after

This sturdy little secretary desk belongs to my client, Theresa.  You may have seen some of my previous posts of her furniture; she has kept me busy this summer!  This was a family piece that she wanted freshened up to match her other décor.  And look how fresh it is now! A secretary desk is […]


Average End Tables Get a Stylish MCM Makeover

MCM end tables

I think my client, Theresa, will forgive me for saying this, but these two little end tables just scream big box store to me.  She thought the same thing, but she had the vision to request this transformation.  The tables belonged to her father, so since they had sentimental value, she wanted to make them […]


MCM Dresser Gets a Fresh Modern Update with Paint

This dresser belongs to my client, Theresa.  I have to admit, I don’t really get the hype around MCM (mid-century modern) furniture.  This incorporates furniture manufactured between 1945 and the mid-1970’s.  Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, not in a good way, like avocado-colored appliances and linoleum floors.  But I know a lot of […]


Red Farmhouse Dresser

My mom picked up this piece for me at Goodwill, and I think she was so excited about it she forgot to really look at it. That happens to me too.  I get so excited about the potential makeover that I don’t look inside drawers and inspect each element.  This dresser had cracks up the […]