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Black Dining Table

It seems that white has certainly taken center stage in the farmhouse look, but don’t forget black is part of farmhouse style too!  Black helps ground a room, and makes it feel cozier than all white.  My client purchased this dining table and 6 chairs, and chose black for the double pedestal.  She kept the […]

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Vintage Dining Set Refresh

Dining sets may be the death of me one day! I am optimistic by nature, so as soon as I finish one, I get amnesia about what a struggle the table was.  Something about that big expansive flat surface, it just isn’t easy to get a uniform look.  And if anyone thinks it is, please […]

Dining Tables

You Won’t Recognize these Dining Chairs!

dining chairs after

You may have been wondering with my last dining table post, hey, where are the chairs to that set?  Well, today I’m going to share them with you.  These six chairs are super well-made and sturdy; they just needed a little update.  My client (Allison) wasn’t very fond of the wood color, and she was […]

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Dining Table Makeover | How to Achieve an Old World Look with Paint & Stain

old world dining table

The weather has turned cool here in Wisconsin, and there has been plenty of rain.  Somehow rain and dark skies make my house feel cozy and give me permission to snuggle in a blanket and drink lots of coffee.  I do that anyhow, but the rain makes it feel cozier.  My client, Allison, has been […]

Dining Tables